about us

Subrarezin Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was founded in 1996 by some of the attendants of the Country’s industry, who had already founded a number of factories, with the aim of reducing dependence on foreign technology and supplying the domestic market with a series of chemicals for the paper industry, composite industry and adhesive industry which have played a significant role.

The company started its first phase with the production of Rosinsize chemical. This substance is used as a paper coating to reduce paper water absorption and to increase the paper surface smoothness and transparency, and to improve the quality of printing in the paper industry.

Along with the advancement of science and technology and by altering the process of paper production from the old (acidic) way to alkaline and neutral ways, many paper mills in the world produce paper with this new methods. Also in our country during several years Recently, Most of the paper mills have changed the process from the old acidic method to a neutral and alkaline method. For this purpose, the managers of this company by negotiating with a European company has succeeded in obtaining technical knowledge and import of technology of the production lines of AKD emulsion; and the second phase of the production of this chemical as a paper coating in a neutral and alkaline environment under the license of the European Company started in Subrarezin Factory. AKD stands for Alkyl Keaton Dimmer (1), which is a kind of synthetic wax.

In addition to the production of AKD wax emulsion, Subrarezin Co., under the license of the European company, produces chemicals such as outer surface sizing (3) and AKD emulsifier, and resin for reinforcing mechanical strength of paper (4), and all types of powdered AKD for use in the size press, and Cationic Rosin, Anionic Rosin, and AKD High Polymer.

Subrarezin has a R&D unit and equipped with the latest technology and machinery, which in comparison with other resin production mills, excelled in this field and has been able to formulate and manufacture various types of new products and formulations of the world to meet the needs of factories and different industries by using qualified experts and technicians and close cooperation with educational centers and universities.