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About Us

To build a better society, help the development of the pulp and paper industry.
Sobrarzin Industrial Group is proud to introduce itself as the first producer of chemicals for the paper industry in Iran. We have been able to produce high quality chemicals by using the expert team and modern technology along with product innovation. Also, by providing practical solutions to customers along with the quality of our products, we have given credibility to the paper industry.
We believe that chemistry can make our world better and help our daily life.
Paper as a green and renewable product, from printing and writing papers or paper towels to exquisite packaging papers, has a bright future and great potential in end uses.
We humans need paper.

Our History

Production of the best product, which does not cause any environmental damage. And business is used to inspire and implement solutions for the environmental crisis.

Our Vision

A company that best knows the necessary products, required services and needs of consumers and fulfills them.

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