Culture Paper

Pioneer and Leader in Paper Sizing

Since our Subra Resin first day, we are focus on developing, manufacturing and supplying paper sizing agent with full package service.


AKD Emulsion Sizing 

 Cationic Surface Sizing

Rosin Size Dispersion

Cationic Rosin Dispersion

ASA Sizing


From very fundamental chemicals raw material supplying until the final application experience on site, including manufacturing technology and related equipment, this full package service let Subra Resin has the strongest advantage to cooperate with all partners and customers to do well in the culture paper industry. 


Improve paper performance

paper smoothness, surface strength, hydrophobicity, linting and dusting, etc.

Devote to reduce such various problems encountered in the production process, and provide the most suitable technology, products and solutions according to the customers’ situation, focus on costs control to achieve the best product performance.


Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

According to comprehensive understanding of the customer’s paper machine process, we will provide you with a full set of chemical package services, as well as suggestions for adding equipment to ensure efficient production operation and the best cost plan.


Upgrade service

According to market demand, customers also have demand to carry out paper type conversion, such as the conversion of different types of cultural paper, and conversion from cultural paper to cardboard paper, we can support the application and adjustment of chemicals for the conversion process.