Food Packaging Paper

Subra Resin devotes to let paper with food to serve our living best

Applicable packaging: food packaging paper, cup paper, hamburger paper, pizza box, cold chain transport packaging, lunch box, food paper bag, meat paper, liquid beverage carton, steamed dim sum paper, rice bag paper, etc.





Based on our Subra Resin customers actual situation, we supply most suitable agent with best adding method, including equipment and machine adjusting guidance.



Coating, full set of solutions

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for food packaging paper is greatly increasing, and replacing plastic with paper is also what we most need to update. Higher requirements are also pushing forward the quality of food packaging paper, which is safe, eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable, degradable, convenient and multifunctional.

Over the years, our team has meticulously researched and participated in the development and cooperation of many major projects, providing chemical barrier solutions for well-known multinational companies in the industry.

In addition to the conventional coating treatment, food packaging need pay more attention on waterproof, oil-proof, waterproof vapor, moisture-proof, oxygen barrier, etc., and there are more requirements for heat-seal ability. Our team customizes coatings for partner, and also can improve chemical solutions based on customers’ existing coating formulations. From the choice of base paper, the application of chemicals, and the recommendation of processing equipment, we can provide a full range of suggestions to help customers achieve the desired results.