Tissue Paper

Healthy & Eco-Friendly

Soft & Skin-Friendly

Subra Resin has developed a comprehensive portfolio of chemistry to ensure maximum machine productivity, including green machine hygiene packages, strength agents and stickies control agent. We make sure that the clean running and operational efficiency of the paper production system, and enhance enterprises competitiveness. No matter how the times change, Subra Resin have the courage to explore, and our original intention to fight for the future of the paper industry will never change.

With the development of human society, tissue paper industry developed very rapidly, it has come into every aspect of our lives, like dining room, kitchen, toilet and office etc. We can’t live without tissue paper.

Besides, now people have much higher requirements to tissue paper, not only satisfied with softness function, but also more and more people hope tissue paper healthier and eco-friendlier. Subra Resin has always committed to improve tissue paper function and has accumulated rich experience; we trust we can tailor the most suitable solution for your tissue paper development.

Softness and skin-friend is the eternal topic of tissue paper, for different tissue paper, we develop different chemicals solutions, just to satisfy the requirements of softness. Besides pursuit of efficiency, we are increasingly concerned about the health of tissue paper, we will be committed to develop more healthy and eco-friendly chemicals to satisfy people’s requirement of new tissue papers, like soft paper, neck paper and wet toilet paper etc.

We believe less is more, we achieve the maximum effect with minimums chemicals using.

Wet Strength Agent

Dry Strength Agent

Polyamide Amine-Epichlorohydrin (PAE)